Dr Carol Marsh

Engineering Integrity Journal of the Engineering Integrity Society

Conference Papers

  • Sara Mugnaini, Ben Allen, David Alexander, Ed Totten, Carol Marsh, "Enabling Multibeam Technologies in Space and on Ground for OneWeb Future Systems", EuCAP2023, 17th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Florence, Italy
  • N. Baker and C. Marsh, "The Untold Stories of Some Amazing Women in Computing : Smoothing the Curves: Dr Winifred Hackett, the DEUCE and passing the baton from Alexander Graham Bell to Academic Computing," 2019 6th IEEE History of Electrotechnology Conference (HISTELCON), Glasgow, Scotland, 2019, pp. 61-64
  • Marsh, C., Kean, T., McLaren, D., "Protecting Designs with a Passive Thermal Tag", International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS) 2008, Malta, IEEE Xplore, ISBN:978-1-4244-2182-4, pp 218-221
  • Marsh, C., "The Changing World of Programmable Logic", 14th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES) 2008, Lille, France
  • Kean, T., McLaren, D.,Marsh, C., "Verifying the Authenticity of Chip Designs with the DesignTag System", Hardware-Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) 2008, California, USA, , IEEE Xplore, 9-9 June 2008, pp 59-64.
  •  Kean, T., McLaren, D. and Marsh, C., "DesignTag: A Thermally Sensed Security Tag to Protect Chip Designs", IPSoC 2007, Grenoble, France. Short listed in the best paper competition
  • Marsh, C. and Kean, T., "A Security Tagging Scheme for ASIC Designs and  Intellectual Property Cores", IPSoC 2006, Grenoble. Published by “Design and Reuse” on 29/01/2007, as their featured article of the week
  • Kean, T. and Marsh, C., "A Security Tagging Scheme for Application Specific Intellectual Property Cores", Embedded Systems Show (ESS) 2006, PhD Forum, 2006, Birmingham, UK

Journal Papers

  • Brouchier, J., Dabbous, N., Kean, T., Marsh, C., Naccache D., “Thermocommunications”, Cryptology ePrint: 2009/002
  • Brouchier, J., Kean, T., Marsh, C., Naccache D., “Temperature Attacks”,  published in the  “IEEE Security and Privacy” Journal March/April 200